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Are you a multipassionate or multipotentialite who wants to design a life around their passions, and move forward in all areas of life? Turn your big goals into a tangible plan with this free Notion Template.

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Dear Multipassionates,

Planning and organizing your plans into a system like Notion will change your life.

Notion has helped me structure and organize my big dreams and life goals into bite-sized pieces and move from dreaming to action.

This free template will help you plan out your projects and tasks. I implemented the basic features that I personally use in my productivity system, but you can use and edit the template as you please.


  • Task Database with 3 views (2 board views 'today' per priority and per status & table view)
  • Project Database with 3 views (timeline view, board view & table view)
  • Connection between task- and project database

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