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Your Life Design Dashboard
for 25€

Including 5 templates:

✔ Habit tracker
✔ Goals template
✔ Task Database
✔ Project Database
✔ Life Theme database


✔ Instruction video
✔ Progress tracking bars for your projects
✔ Progress tracking for your habits
✔ Related databases
✔ Multiple views

Dear Multipassionates,

Do you want to plan out your year? Do you want to have a clear overview of your goals, projects and tasks while keeping track of your habits? This Notion Template is everything you need to design the life of your dreams.

Hey there!

I am Hannah, a Dutch digital nomad, and self-proclaimed life architect.

I am dedicated to help you design a life around your passions through teaching you about productivity, online entrepreneurship, and purpose.

This tool is one of the things that helped me in my journey of creating my best life. I hope it helps you too.



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