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Create and plan your content as an online entrepreneur with this FREE Notion Content Planner Template. You can view your content as a list, or organized per status, or in a calendar view!

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Dear Multipassionates,

Don't just rely on the inspiration of the moment. Use a Content Planner.

Notion has helped me structure and organize the content I create for my business in ways I couldn't find in any other platform.

This free Content Planner template will help you plan out your online content. I implemented the basic features that I personally use in my content creation system, but you can use and edit the template as you please.


  • Content Database with 4 views (1 board views per status, 1 table view, 1 calendar view, and an Instagram Gallery)
  • Add deadlines and publication dates
  • Update the status of your content from Idea to Published
  • Have a clear overview of which content goes on which social media platforms
  • Add your media so you (or your VA) know(s) which picture/video/graphic you had in mind for each piece of content

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