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Checklist for overwhelm
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Feeling stressed out or overwhelmed? This Notion Template is based on the step plan I personally use to calm myself down and get myself back on track.

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Dear Multipassionates,

being overwhelmed is part of the Multipassionate life. Luckily, there is something you can do to get rid of these feelings!

Just the other week I didn’t feel great. I woke up feeling completely overwhelmed. I spiraled down in negative thinking and imposter syndrome.

‘Who am I to do what I do?’

‘I cannot even control my own feelings.. ‘

‘How am I supposed to coach people?’.

But then I reminded myself that everyone has feelings similar to these. And these thoughts will sometimes pop up whether you are an entrepreneur- or multipassionate or not.

So I wrote down my 5 steps on how to get out of this feeling of overwhelm, and created a checklist to help you through!

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